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Water Bucket

The water bucket on 7/15/2016

Ever since we bought the farm back in July, I've been trying to observe as much as I can about the land. That has included exploring every inch of terrain, tracking the wildlife and getting a good read on the weather and wind patterns. As part of the work, on the day that we closed on the farm, I bought a cheap Home Depot bucket and stuck out in the middle of the pasture to keep rough tabs on how wet/dry the land is. While this method is flawed and completely unscientific, I have found it to be useful. The bucket was pretty much empty through August and most of September. It spent most of October and November roughly half full. As of last week, it was nearly full of snow. I imagine that the bucket is now completely buried under the snow.

And while it doesn't measure brittleness to the specifications of the Savory Institute,  I operate under the assumption that this will be important information at some point in the future. But even if it isn't, I enjoy the process.

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