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The Farm Name

Many friends and family have asked us about the origin of the farm’s name. And I get it. The “Gold” part makes sense for obvious, last-name-based reasons. But why is “Shaw” in the name? Well, here’s the origin story.

Although the farmhouse was built in the 1830s, the family most associated with the farm was the Shaw family. Richard Shaw bought the farm around 1870. He and his family raised dairy cattle here for nearly 100 years until they sold the place in the early 1970s. And although the Shaw family has long since left town, the farm is still locally known as the “Shaw Farm.”

Prior to our stewardship of the farm, the family that owned the place grew was organic vegetables. They named the farm “Old Shaw Farm.” Well, being a very lazy people, Allison and decided the easiest thing to do would be to just add a “G” in front of that name. And that’s how we ended up with Gold Shaw Farm.

Even though we are probably years away from offering any sort of agricultural output to the community, I put a sign up out in front of the farm not long after we bought the place. At the time, we were dealing with delivery guys who kept insisting that the place was abandoned and they wouldn’t leave packages from Amazon. So in response, I broke out some black spray paint and cardboard stencils and made a sign out of old barn wood. (Fun Scavenger Hunt Project: If you look at the back of the sign out front, you can still find old straw and manure caked on the back of the wood.)

So why is our logo a bear with a bird on its head? That’s a story for a different time.

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