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The Cedar Swamp

The farm has roughly 14 acres of cedar swamp. It’s one of my favorite places. The eerie serenity of the swamp is magical. It washes over you the moment you realize that the forest has completed its transition from mixed woods forest to tightly packed cedar trees. I’ve tried to take pictures and video in an attempt to capture that feeling, but I never even come close.

In the summer, the swamp is buzzing with life. Mosquitoes will chew on you.  Frogs chirp and burp. You run the risk of sinking knee deep in water with every muddy step.

The winter is more mysterious. It’s creepy quiet. Even when it’s snowing, everything is still. It’s also a few degrees warmer because the trees provide cover from the wind. You may see the tracks of a fox or a deer, but they could have passed through days ago. If you look upwards at the snow covered trees, you might make yourself dizzy if you gaze too long.

A few weeks ago, while walking through the swamp, I stumbled on hunting blind. It’s was made entirely out of cedar. Based on the aging of the wood, it seems like it’s a few years old. There were no markers on it to identify ownership.

My neighbor who lives across the street sometimes hunts the land. I asked him if he knew anything about it. He didn’t. So it remains a mysterious tree house.

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