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Creeping on Wildlife III: Ghost Poop

Earlier this week, I checked the trail cameras to see if I had captured any new wildlife footage. In previous episodes, I attempted to capture whatever I could around the property. For this month’s installment, I was on a mission.

Throughout the winter, I have noticed that some sort of animal has been making camp in the barn. I’ve found scat on the second floor of the barn. There are also a lot of dead animal scraps (e.g., turkey wings, feathers, blood) in and around the barn. And in the morning, after a snow fall, I will regularly see tracks going in and out of the barn.

That leaves me with only one logical conclusion: the barn is haunted by a ghost that eats small animals and makes small poops. If anyone has any better guesses based on the evidence, let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

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