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18 déc. 2020

Hey man.

I'm sorry, but what are you talking about your death as long as you are so young?

Haven't you ever thought about children that will cherish you at your elderly age and will watch you over like you do to your birds?

Well young fellow, let me whisper a wise advise... Change your mind about your death because you never know!

How about been randomly selected and nominated as the president of the town or county you live in? Will you still "run around" telling your ridiculous set of mind to your electors?

... Have a happy new 2021 year.


Hey Morgan! Glad to see y'all are living on the farm now and got lots of trees in the ground - very inspiring. We met at Twisted Tree's propagation workshop summer of 2017 - my name's Robbie and I was one of the folks camping out there. Cool you & Allison are both able to maintain some off-farm work to help with the transition, that seems like a good strategy when it's available. Best wishes in your farming activities and looking forward to our paths crossing again. Please say hi to the ducks for me!

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